Why Choose Your Daily Drop

Be Aware Of Bad Products

When buying CBD online it’s important to buy from a trusted retailer to ensure the quality and content of Cannabidiol (CBD) and any other content is honest and correct. A study from 2017 showed that 70% of the products tested was incorrect regarding the content of CBD in relation to what was advertised.

Therefore, we at Your Daily Drop guarantee our products quality and their content have been tested by a competent third party.

When this is said you might also need knowledge about how much and how to take your CBD oil as well as how to start. You can read more about all this below. But be aware that by using this method, you may achieve a smaller uptake of the CBD into your system.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

You might ask yourself, how much CBD oil should I take? And the answer to this is individual, and therefore one should try individually and find the right dosage for themself.

It is always a good idea to consult with a medical professional first and get help to decide, where to begin. Besides this, you can get objective help to indicate an approximate need through our CBD oil dosage calculator. But in short, its all about figuring out what works best for you.

How To Take CBD Oil

Your Daily Drop oil should be used by dropping the oil under the tongue. This is because your mucous membrane has a rapidly absorption and then transfers the active substances to the blood. Meaning that you will absorb the cannabidiol (CBD).

After placing the oil under your tongue, you should try not to swallow up to 5 minutes after and thereby leave the oil there to be absorb. Also, you should not drink or eat up to 30-45 minutes after intake, this will reduce the absorption of the CBD.

If you do not like the taste of our oil, even though we think our oil is free of bad taste, you can drip the oil directly in to the mouth and then swallow with a glass of water.

Start Out Easy

If you are all new, its crucial to start small. Therefore, we at Your Daily Drop have several options to choose from and one bottle is measured to fit your need for a month if you follow our instruction on the packing. But we highly recommend new users to start with smaller drop an increase this day by day up to 8 drops a day, when trying CBD, the first time. This to find out how your body reacts on CBD.

Beside the fact that anybody should start small, it is important to know that you not necessarily will feel the wished effect from the beginning due to different factors. First, you need to build your tolerance to increase CBD dosage and after a trying from smaller dosage you will by increasing your monthly plan, find the right CBD dosing.

When Should I Take My Drops?

There are no rules for this, however, it is recommended to use CBD before sleeping or relaxing, unless your medical advisor advises you different.

When using Your Daily Drop according to the requirements of the monthly plan, you should split the use of the CBD drops through the day, for example 4 drops after breakfast and 4 drops before bedtime. Preferably you can also take 2 drops after breakfast, then 2 drops after either launch or dinner and the 4 drops before bedtime – again because CBD works even better when sleeping.